Multimedia | Labirinto d'Acque 2018


The project of Labirinto d’Acque

Videos of the speeches

Wednesday March 21st

Renzo Valloni
EU Watercenter
Institutional greetings

Stefano Laporta
ISPRA President
Opening Greetings

Meuccio Berselli
River Po District Authority
The district of the River Po and the use of its water in the future

Bruno Mioni
Director of the Interregional Agency for the Po River (AIPo)

Monique Barbut

UNCCD Executive Secretary
Keynote Speech

Silvano Pecora
Vice President of WMO’s Hydrology Commission
 Opening Greetings

Michela Miletto
World Water Assessment Programme of UNESCO
The World Water Development Report 2018

Videos of the speeches

Thursday 22 March 2018

Luca Mercalli
President of the Italian Meteorological Society
Presentation of the World Water Day 

Alessio Malcevschi
Member of RUS
Introductory greetings

Enrico Giovannini
Spokesman of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development
Water in the UN’s 2030 Agenda

Alok Jha
Scientific journalist
Water – the strangest chemical

Fabio Trincardi
President of ISMAR – CNR
The seas of the Anthropocene

Luca Mercalli
President of the Italian Meteorological Society
Rain and snow of yesterday and tomorrow: how much water will we have in this century?

Tiziana Paccagnella
Climate Service of Idro Meteo – ARPAE (ARPAE-SIMC)
The Bologna HPC & Big-Data Excellence Pole and Climate Change

Renzo Rosso
Politecnico of Milan
Floods of Italy from Unity to the third millennium

Ferdinando Boero
Professor of Zoology at the University of Salento
Oceans and life

Gianfranco Bologna
Scientific Director of WWF Italy
Water footprint

Grammenos Mastrojeni
Foreign Ministry
Solid solutions for a liquid threat

Francesco Vincenzi
ANBI President
Climate change and territory

Salotti d’Acqua

Thursday 22 March 2018

Gennadij Padalka
Russian cosmonaut
Salotti d’Acqua: Water in Space

Videos of the speeches

Friday 23 March 2018

Stefano Bonaccini
President of the Emilia-Romagna Region
Opening Greetings

Federico Pizzarotti
Mayor of Parma

Paola Gazzolo
Emilia-Romagna Regional Councilor
The strategies of the Emilia-Romagna Region for climate change

Brian Richter
President of Sustainable Water
Looking for water in a rapidly changing world

Gian Luca Galletti
Former Minister of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea
Italian policy on climate change and water management

Debbie Franco
California Governor’s Planning and Research Office
Achieve water resilience in California

Errol Gradwell
Ceo of Ewseta – Republic of South Africa
Water and democracy in Africa

Olga Slepner
Representative of the Israeli Water Authority
Challenges and solutions in the management of the water sector

Pietro Laureano
Architect, urban planner and consultant UNESCO
The Blue Gold and international crises: changes for the Mediterranean countries

Simona Caselli
Councilor for agriculture, hunting and fishing
The Global Alliance for Climate-smart Agriculture (GACSA)

Meuccio Berselli
General Secretary of the Po River District Authority
The district of the River Po and the use of its water in the future

Yossi Yaacobi
Director of WaTech Division – Mekorot, Israel
Mekorot dall’innovazione all’attuazione

Paolo Mannini
C.E.R. General Manager
The IRRINET case

Ugo Peruch
Mutti SpA – Director of Agricultural Service
Responsible use of irrigation water to reduce the water footprint. The Mutti-WWF collaboration

Monia Santini
Researcher, Head of Impacts on Water Resources – CMCC Foundation
Responsible use of irrigation water to reduce the water footprint

Alessandro Piva
Head of the Agronomic Service of the AOP CIO
Water in the tomato processing cycle

Piero Pelizzaro
Urban Resilience and Climate Adaptation Specialist
A circular use of water in a time of changing water: Milan resilience experience

Dai Gowen
Director of International Cooperation Center, China
Water Management in Chinese Cities: Policies and Cases

Donatella Davoli
Chief Executive Officer of Iren Laboratori and Director of Logistics, Laboratories and Group Services of Iren SpA
IREN: water management for the territory

Salotti d’Acqua

Friday 23 March 2018

Pier Carlo Bontempi – Architect
Thierry Huau – Urban planner and landscape architect
Salotti d’Acqua: Art, Water, Architecture – Cities, like Venus, born from water

Videos of the speeches

Friday 24 March 2018

Umberto Solimene
FEMTEC President
Research, development and innovation in thermal medicine

Marco Vitale
FoRST scientific director
Thermal Medicine and Respiratory Tract

Christian Roques
Professor University of Toulouse
Balneotherapy in France: treatment, teaching, research

Zeki Karagulle
Professor at the University of Istanbul
Recent research in medical balneology and thermal medicine

Plinio Richelmi
Professor at the University of Pavia
A scientific approach to Thermal Medicine

Stefano Masiero
Professor at the University of Padua
Rehabilitation in the thermal environment: the role of water as a therapeutic medium

Paolo Pinton
Professor of the University of Ferrara
Calcium ion in water: a versatile and indispensable messenger

Marta Antonelli
Responsible for the BCFN research program
Food and Water

Claudio Macca
Spedali Civili of Brescia
WATER FOOD. Water Food for Health and Sport

Salotti d’Acqua

Giovedì 24 Marzo 2018

Federica Pellegrini
Swimming champion
Salotti d’Acqua: Water and Sport
Federica Pellegrini interviewed by Tommaso Mecarozzi

Video di presentazione

Luca Mercalli
President of the Italian Meteorological Society

Stefan Uhlenbrook
Coordinator WWAP

Laura Casalis Ricci
Labyrinth of the Masone

Luca Virginio
Barilla Communications and External Relations Manager

Meuccio Berselli
Secretary of the Po river basin district authority

Renzo Valloni
Director of Eu.Watercenter University of Parma

Gianfranco Bologna
WWF Italy Scientific Director

Donatella Bianchi
President of WWF Italy

Federica Pellegrini
Swimming champion

Brian Richter
Presidente di Sustainable Water

Francesco Mutti
CEO of Mutti S.p.A.

Terry Tamminen
CEO Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Guests and Interventions

At Labirinto della Masone in Fontanellato (PR) from 21 to 24 March 2018

Luca Mercalli
President of the Italian Meteorological Society and scientific journalist
“Water is a resource in the making”

Umberto Solimene
President of the Federation
World Spa (FEMTEC) NGO

Monique Barbut
Executive Secretary UNCCD (United Nations Conventions to Combat Desertification)

Meuccio Berselli
Secretary General of the Basin Authority
District of the River Po

Michela Miletto
Vice Coordinator WWAP

Karl Burkart
Director of innovation, media and technology
at Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Donatella Bianchi
President of WWF Italy
at the first edition of Labirinto d’Acque

Enrico Giovannini
Spokesman of the Italian Alliance
for Sustainable Development (ASviS)

Romano Prodi
President of the Foundation for Collaboration between Peoples

Gianluca Galletti
Environment Minister
“Water must become a precious asset. It is what we are trying to make citizens and businesses understand”

Grammenos Mastrojeni
Coordinator for the environment of development cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Tommaso Ghidini
Head of the Division of Structures, Mechanisms and Materials of the European Space Agency

Federica Pellegrini
Swimming champion

Davide Cassani
Head coach of Italian National Cycling and sports journalist
“Water is the most important supplement that Mother Nature has given us”

Il regista Peter Greenaway
a Labirinto d’Acque
“It is self evidently the incredibly photogenic water: water is snow, ice, tears, rivers, the Ocean”