Labirinto d'Acque 2018 | Labirinto d'Acque 2018

Under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic
Under the High Patronage of the European Parliament


We Are Water

From time to time, news agencies run a front-page headline: We Are Not Alone In The Universe
On some celestial body water has been discovered, and if there’s water, then there is, or could be, life.
We are all part of a great pool teeming with life that is the Hydrosphere.


Guests & Speakers

Bruno Mioni

Bruno Mioni

Director of the Inter-regional Agency for the Po river (AIPo)

21 March 2018
High-level symposium

Francesco Vincenzi

ANBI President

22 Marzo 2018

Paola Gazzolo

Paola Gazzolo

Emilia Romagna Minister for Environment

23 March 2018
ER Regional Strategy on Climate Change

Federico Pizzarotti

Mayor of Parma

23 Marzo 2018
Saluti iniziali

Simona Caselli

Simona Caselli

Emilia Romagna Minister for Agriculture

23 March 2018
Water, Agriculture and the Global Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture (GACSA)

Paolo Mannini

C.E.R. General Manager

23 marzo 2018

Michael Harris

Michael Harris

Associate Director of Projects at the Prince’s Foundation

23 March 2018
Salotti d'Acqua: Water, Art and Architecture

Errol Gradwell

Errol Gradwell

CEO of EWSETA - Republic of South Africa

23 March 2018
Water &Democracy in Africa


Conferences & Events

Our program is an ambitious one and as such it is subject to change and variation.
Franco Maria Ricci and his team are working on a programme of lectures, seminars and other events and occasions with the invaluable and expert help of Luca Mercalli, President of the Italian Meteorological Society and editor of the magazine Nimbus.


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